About Us

Welcome to Rose & Rail, a children's clothier focused on creating timeless, quality garments for little girls and boys.

I'm Whitney, a stay at home mom of 3 and the maker behind Rose & Rail Clothier. Sewing for children developed into a passion of mine that went hand in hand with motherhood. I began sewing leather booties and shoes for my two sons, now 5 and 3, and eventually opened a shop selling handmade soft soled shoes out of up-cycled leathers. I took a break from shop life during my 3rd pregnancy, which ignited a new interest in sewing children's clothing. I spent many nights during that time sewing up tiny outfits while dreaming of meeting our daughter.  This passion for designing and sewing children's clothing quickly crept into every fiber of my being and I knew I needed to pursue it on another level.  With the support of many people along the way, Rose & Rail Clothier came to fruition!

All Rose & Rail garments are designed with childhood in mind and are meant to be not only beautiful but also comfortable and practical for adventures and play. Most pieces are made from linen and cotton, breathable and durable natural fibers perfect for children's clothing.

I strive to maintain a high standard of quality and put a lot of care and attention to detail into each element of our pieces.

I hope you find something special in our shop for the precious little one in your life, thanks for visiting!